As well as conducting world-class, independent research, we take a leading role in stimulating public and professional debate; connecting disciplinary communities; informing security policy and practice; and providing training to research leaders of the future.

We are funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (award: ES/V002775/1), which is part of UK Research and Innovation. The funds for this grant come from the UK intelligence and security agencies and UK Home Office.

Statement of intent

We address key stakeholder questions by reviewing the current state-of-the-art and by providing policy and ‘best practice’ recommendations

We undertake theoretically motivated, high-quality new research that either addresses gaps identified in the existing literature, or demonstrates the operational relevance of existing knowledge to stakeholder contexts

We commission synthetic reviews, workshops, toolkit development, and research projects through a transparent and competitive process that delivers scientific excellence, stakeholder relevance, and value for money

We produce a range of innovative outputs that effectively communicate state-of-the-art knowledge to the security and intelligence agencies, wider government scientists and policymakers, researchers, industry partners, local communities and the public

We run engagement events that encourage interaction between academic and stakeholder and public communities at both the strategic and grass-roots level, building over time an interdisciplinary community

We produce the next generation of researchers and educators, deliver formal professional development for stakeholders, and engage SME and industry to support innovation.

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