About BASS18

About the conference host

BASS18 is the first international conference on Behavioural and Social Sciences in Security. It is hosted by the Centre for Research and Evidence on Security Threats (CREST), which is a national hub for understanding, countering and mitigating security threats. CREST brings together the foremost expertise in understanding the psychological and social drivers of the threat, the skills and technologies that enable its effective investigation, and the protective security measures that help counter the threat in the first place. It receives the majority of its funding from the UK’s security and intelligence agencies and works within a context of significant stakeholder and international researcher engagement.


The conference will be held at Lancaster House Hotel and on campus at Lancaster University. The evening keynote will be held in Lancaster city centre.


If you have questions about BASS18 please get in touch via our contact us page.

International conference on Behavioural and Social Sciences in Security, 2018