WORKSHOP 1: Addressing bias in computational social science: What can we learn from social science theory?

Chair: Sophie Nightingale

LT5, Wednesday 20th, 1230-1400

Speaker: Adam Joinson

What can we learn from social science theory?


12:30 - 14:00

George Fox LT5


The aim of this workshop is to bring together individuals across a range of fields for conversations relating to common problems of social bias in computational social science (CSS) and exploring ways to mitigate these biases. This event will have an information-gathering focus in which we will encourage open conversations.

To begin, Professor Adam Joinson will give a short talk about his research team’s work using a CSS approach. In doing so, he will highlight some of the problems with social bias and outline some possible ways to address these biases. We will then have an opportunity to break into small groups for an in-depth discussion of social bias in CSS in which we’d be interested to hear about your own experience of dealing with such challenges and suggested solutions. Finally, we will invite each group to summarise their discussion to report back to the room.

We hope that attending this session will offer new perspectives on your own work and provide support with any relevant challenges you are facing. Furthermore, we aim to use this event to begin to build a network which will continue to provide insight and support relating to the issue of bias in CSS.

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