CREST is delighted to invite submissions for its 4th International Behavioural and Social Sciences in Security Conference (BASS24), which will be held at the University of St Andrews, (Scotland, UK), 16-18 July 2024. The conference will focus on:

  • Risk and Resilience
  • Information and Influence
  • Emerging Threats
  • Global Security

Call for Papers

The conference welcomes submissions from all disciplines, especially underrepresented but cognate fields (e.g., computational science, data analysis, design, linguistics, political science) that offer additional methodologies and insights. 

Under each theme, we welcome theoretical, empirical or critical papers to the following categories: Conference papers; Posters; Lightning talks.

Submissions are now closed. Successful applicants will receive decisions by 5th April 2024.

Conference papers

Mature research nearing journal submission or publication can be submitted as a Conference Paper. These will be delivered through a 20-minute presentation. 


Mature or emerging research can be submitted as a Poster. A dedicated slot will be allocated to Posters to allow authors to answer questions on their research. Posters will be entered into a poster competition.

Lightning talks

Emerging research at the early design stage or start of data collection can be submitted as a Lightning talk. These will be delivered through a 5-minute presentation.

until BASS24 begins!
Link to BASS page

Behavioural and Social Sciences in Security, 2024
16-18 July 2024
University of St Andrews (Scotland, UK)

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