Early Career Researchers (ECR) event (15-16 July)

CREST is delighted to offer a free pre-conference workshop for Early Career Researchers (ECRs). 
Security threats are ever changing and growing in complexity. To address these challenges requires a mixture of skill sets drawn from different disciplines and sectors. Fortunately, we are seeing an increase in networking, or community, building. However, this can be a daunting landscape for early career researchers. It raises questions around time commitments, prioritisations, ‘how to’ network and more.

In this workshop we will start to address some of these issues. We will walk you through the importance of networking and present a case study illustrating how it can help you. We will then offer a series of tips from how to navigate networking opportunities through to successfully developing new contacts. 

Part of the Tuesday morning will also offer ECR’s opportunity to apply what has been learned in a Dragon’s Den style session. Here, ECRs will pitch ideas to, and receive feedback from, a diverse range of practitioners. In preparation for this session, ECRs should draw on their current or future research plans and prepare—in advance of the workshop—a three(3) minute pitch to present to a panel of practitioners. The pitch may be refined following the Monday session but should not exceed 3 minutes, in order to fit with the following running order: 

  • 3 minute presentation
  • Q&A from the audience (i.e., the other ECRs)
  • Feedback from the panel of 4/5 practitioners

The workshop will run from lunchtime on Monday 15th July to midday on Tuesday 16th July.

Use the dropdown lists to see the full agenda below.

Monday 15th July


Arrive and Check in with Lunch - Physics foyer


Welcome and Day one aims and outline - PHY301


Session 1 - Networking for impact: Why? - PHY301


Break - Physics foyer


Session 2 - Networking efficiently: When? - PHY301


Session 3 - Networking to success: How? - PHY301


Break - Physics foyer


Session 4 - Networking through design - PHY301


Wrap-up and dinner plans - PHY301


Dinner at Zizzi’s

Tuesday 16th July


Arrive and Refreshments - Physics foyer


Welcome and Day two aims and outline - Theatre A


Session 1
Group A,B,C – How to network within Academia - Theatre A
Group D - Dragon's Den 1 - PHY301

Group E - Dragon's Den 2 - PHY233

Group F - Dragon's Den 3 – PHY338


Break  - Physics foyer


Session 2
Group D,E,F – How to network within Academia - Theatre A
Group A - Dragon's Den 1 - PHY301

Group B - Dragon's Den 2 - PHY233

Group C - Dragon's Den 3 – PHY338


Wrap-up - Theatre A

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