• Lightning talk presentations will last no longer than five minutes (Q&A will follow after each talk).
  • Please don’t include videos in your presentation.
  • Do not use more than 10 slides, ideally aim for 6.
  • Each lightning talk will be assigned to a specific session/slot, with an allocated chair. This information will be sent to presenters after registration closes.

Please ensure your Lightning Talk slides reach the CREST team by 8 July. This allows us to preload your presentations, ensuring a smooth session. If this deadline poses an issue, please inform us promptly so we can assist you accordingly.

Helpful tips

For slides

  • Outline your presentation before designing your slide deck, then create slides to communicate the main points in your outline. 
  • Make only one point per slide.
  • Don’t use too many words on each slide.
  • Choose large, bold, and clearly legible fonts. 
  • Write a loose script with the information you want to include with each slide. 

For delivery

  • Don’t rush. Don’t speak faster, instead say less.
  • As with any presentation, customise it for your audience. Think carefully about use of specialist language and long side-explanations.
  • Keep it simple. Avoid extra detail and never go off on a tangent.
  • Practice frequently not only to improve your delivery but also to ensure you cover each slide in the given time period.
  • Practice in front of others and request feedback, but also try recording yourself and watching it back to conduct your own critique. 

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