Poster submission guidelines:

The BASS24 poster competition will allow people to not only learn about your research but will also allow you to network and talk to practitioners about your work. Posters should offer a clear taste of your research, have visual impact, and be accessible to a non-specialist academic audience.


  • It is your responsibility to organise the design and printout of your conference poster.
  • You will need to hand over your poster when you register for the conference on Tuesday lunchtime, or alternatively, if you are attending the ECR workshop, you can hand over your poster to the organisers beforehand.


  • Posters must be A0 landscape.
  • Your text should be readable e.g., use black text on a white background with a font size of at least 32pt (assuming, for example, that you've used a PowerPoint slide template at A0 size in Times New Roman/Arial typeface).
  • Make sure you are allowed to use the copyright for images you use, and that they are credited where possible.
  • Images should be high-resolution. Do not stretch images to be bigger than 100% of their original size.
  • Include details on how to contact you, should people want to follow up on your research.


  • Remember this poster will be seen by non-academic audiences. Therefore consider whether you can avoid use of insider terminology and make sure acronyms are explained, etc.
  • Non-academic readers may be more interested in practical outcomes from the research than methodology, so consider layout, for example, consider leading with your key findings, be judicious with statistics, charts, etc.
  • Keep it clear, concise, and engaging.


Judge's Award 

Posters will be assessed according to two criteria:

  • Poster design - presentation and visual communication
  • Research content - how easily this can be understood by non-subject specialists.


First prize: £100 voucher

Second prize: £50 voucher

Public Vote Award

There will also be a Public Vote! Delegates can scan the QR code situated on the posters (also in the Delegate Pack) and make their first and second choice. How you decide your favourite is up to you!


First prize: £100 voucher

Second prize: £50 voucher

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