Quick reads exploring the world of social and behavioural science and security threats

A to Z of decision making

A to Z of Decision Making

From Anchoring to Zero-Sum Games, Dr Nicola Power gives us the A to Z of decision making. If you’re new to research on decision…

Mann smugglers behave

How does a smuggler behave?

A study on smuggling has disproved the myth that it is easy to spot smugglers by their evasive nonverbal behaviour. A disappointing finding? Not…

measuring decision making

Measuring decision making

The Behavioural Insights Team is a company, jointly owned by the UK Government, which applies behavioural science to public services. It’s Director of Home…

Mindmap on elicitation

Mindmap: Information Elicitation

We chart the lay of the evidence land This mindmap on elicitation charts the different techniques for eliciting information. They are grouped in to…