The first meeting of the International Academic Partnerships for Science and Security (IAPSS) consortium, held March 5-6 in London, drew more than 60 attendees from 17 research centres across 12 countries.

The goal was to answer two pressing questions: What problems do our nations share? And how can we work together to solve them?

The invite-only inaugural meeting of the IAPSS, hosted by NCITE and CREST, is sponsored by the United States Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate, in collaboration with the Five Country Research and Development (5RD) Countering Violent Extremism Network. IAPSS aims to unite global academic communities in the shared mission of preventing terrorism.

This two-day event brought together leaders from academic research centres and government officials. Attendees collaborated to establish an international hub of knowledge for planning, conducting, and disseminating research on terrorism and targeted violence. The event fostered relationships crucial for information exchange and addressing the community's needs in this field.

Read a write-up of the event by Blake Ursch here.

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