Announcement of Successful Awards for CREST’s Second Commissioning Call

awards announced second commissioning call

We are delighted to announce the successful applications to CREST’s second broad topic commissioning call. We received 86 applications in total, and are seeking to fund eight projects.

Speaking about the commissioning process, the Director of CREST, Professor Paul Taylor, said:

“We continue to be impressed by the outstanding quality of responses to our call. The successful applicants promise to deliver theoretical innovation that will make a real difference to the work of the security and intelligence agencies. I am looking forward to working with them.”

We received 86 applications in total. 21% of these came from outside of the UK. 269 reviews were provided by 128 international experts and eight projects of between six- and twelve-months length were selected for funding.

List of awards

The successful projects (subject to contracts being finalised) are listed below. Further information about all of these is available on the CREST website here.


Our second commissioning call offered £900,000 for proposals that addressed one of 14 questions identified as having theoretical and practical importance to the study of security threats to the UK. Applicants were invited to propose one of two kinds of activity to address a requirement. Short projects, which would last no more than 6 months, and long projects, lasting no more than 12 months. Both forms of activity could include workshops or other innovative dissemination activity.

Applications were sent to four reviewers (one of whom the applicants nominated) and these reviews informed the decisions of the Commissioning Panel, which comprised four senior researchers from UK Universities, representation from the wider stakeholder community, and CREST’s Director as Chair.

The reviewers were asked to rate the proposal on criteria of quality, track record, pathway to impact, value for money, and overall assessment. They were also asked to provide a narrative review. We received 269 reviews in total over three weeks.

Our thanks

We are grateful to all the people who reviewed for, and applied to, this call. Your time and expertise has ensured that we were able to select eight outstanding projects. CREST is committed to building a community of world-class researchers working on understanding, countering and mitigating security threats and we look forward to continuing to work with you in the future.

Read more about all CREST projects here:

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