Call for Science Writers on Security Threats

Call for CREST science writers

We are looking to add to CREST’s pool of science writers, particularly with expertise in social sciences, psychology, computer science and other related topics with relevance to our focus on security threats.

CREST is a national hub for understanding, countering and mitigating security threats. CREST brings together the UK’s foremost expertise in understanding the psychological and social drivers of the threat, the skills and technologies that enable its effective investigation, and the protective security measures that help counter the threat in the first place. The successful applicants will work with original research and synthesis outputs, including reports and published articles, producing a variety of outputs for use by CREST’s stakeholders.


CREST receives the majority of its funding from the UK’s security and intelligence agencies, and these form the core audiences for CREST outputs. Audiences within these agencies vary from academic specialists in the behavioural and social sciences, to operational staff.

Our wider audiences include other governmental departments including senior policy makers, as well as community organisations, the media and general public.

Feedback from CREST and stakeholders will be made available for each project to help guide decisions regarding outputs.


The job of the science writer will vary from project to project. You will be provided with raw material from reports and research, and your role will be to summarise this for publication either on the CREST website, their quarterly magazine CREST Security Review, or sometimes working on podcasts, posters or infographics. You need to bear in mind the intended audience for the piece of writing, as this can vary from non-specialists with a general interest in the topic, through to subject specialists who may need to get a detailed understanding of the topic.


As CREST produces a variety of different outputs to suit a range of different audiences, the outputs are tailored to these. The range includes the following:

Rate of Pay

Work will be paid at £15.00 per hour plus holiday pay for a set number of hours depending on the project. It is expected that the following guidelines will be accurate for most projects, but each will be negotiated beforehand in line with the specific requirements of the task:

  • Introductory Guides/Focus Guides: 4 hours
  • CREST Security Review Article: 3 hours
  • Poster: 2 hours (text only – design work is done by the Communications Team)
  • Prices include any additional editing or changes that may be required.


In your application, please specify which topics you feel the most confident writing to:

  • Computer science
  • Decision making
  • Emergency services
  • Experiment based psychology
  • Finance
  • General psychology
  • Mental health and psychological pathways
  • Politics
  • Protective security
  • Religion
  • Social media research
  • Social science

Deadline: 5th February, 2018.

Shortlisted candidates will be invited to produce a short 300-word piece based on an article in advance of the interview date. We encourage applicants to highlight previous writing in their CVs.

For more details and to apply please follow this link: