Introducing: The CREST Facebook Page!

CREST on facebook

CREST launches its Facebook page as a new channel to deliver its resources and news.

We’ve launched an official CREST Facebook page, as a new platform to share our important research on security threats to a wider audience. This is part of our commitment to communicate our work to the general public, and to make it easier to share and engage with the research that we produce.

Our Facebook page will showcase all our fantastic resources, such as CREST Security Review, guides, reports, digests as well as providing information and updates on events, opportunities and other CREST news.

Fans of our page (like our new page here) will have instant updates on our work. Allowing for quick and less formal interaction, the CREST Facebook page will provide a new way of engaging with CREST’s work and is an important part of our strategy to communicate our research to the general public.

If you are a Facebook user, please like our page. By liking us on Facebook you’ll see our posts appear on your news feed.

Coming Soon

July will also see the launch of our Flickr and LinkedIn platforms, which will make it easier to share and engage with the research that we produce. 

Keep Up To Date

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