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CREST launches its Flickr page as a new channel to deliver its images and resources.

Throughout July, as part of our commitment to communicate our work as widely as possible, we’ve gone social by launching more web platforms to make it easier to share and engage with the research that CREST produces.

Today we’ve launched an official CREST Flickr account to make it easier to distribute our fantastic images, as well as showcase our more visual research such as mind maps and infographics, to a wider audience.

By providing a channel where all our artwork, photos and graphics are collected in one place, it’ll be easier to find, use and share CREST images. We’re happy for you to use our resources for your own use – read on to see how.

All our artwork is under the same licence as all our blogs, guides and other resources on this website. The Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike licence means you can republish our content and imagery online or in print for free. However, as with all CC-licensed materials the condition for free use is attribution.

This means in order to republish our work or images you have to credit us and link to us (if used online). Please note, you cannot edit our material or sell it separately, see our copyright page for more details.

How to attribute images

Add a caption to image(s), as this provides the easiest way for others to see where you have taken the image from, giving full credit to the author(s).

The ideal attribution for any image is to give the title, author, source and licence of the image. For example, for the main image on this page you would put:

‘Title’, Copyright ©YEAR Author/ CREST (Licence)’.

I.e., ‘CREST on Flickr’, Copyright ©2017 R. Stevens / CREST (CC BY-NC-SA)’.

The majority of the CREST illustrations are created by Rebecca Stevens, but the correct copyright attribution is available in the details of every image on Flickr, as seen below in red boxes.

flickr screenshot

If the title is unknown, then attribution of: ‘Copyright ©2017 R. Stevens / CREST (CC BY-NC-SA)’ or similar will do just fine.

If the image is used online, then a link back to the URL of the Flickr page or CREST page that you found it on would be best practice, although a link back to simply would also suffice.

Follow us on flickr

You can easily view or download our creative images, you don’t need a Flickr account to access them, but if you’re on Flickr make sure to follow us. By following us you’ll be updated with the new collections of images we’ll be adding.

What next?

Last week we announced our public presence on Facebook, today we showcase our images on Flickr and next week will see CREST connecting to LinkedIn.

You can already find us on Twitter and watch us on Youtube and don’t forget you can stay up-to-date by receiving our monthly newsletter direct to your inbox.

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