CREST Round-up: July 2020

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Phishing Your Staff: A Double-Edged Sword?

Naming and shaming. Taking away IT assets. Compulsory training. Lots of companies are doing it, but should they? Read our recommendations on how organisations can support their staff to become more resilient to phishing attacks.


Factors That Affect Command Decision-Making

Factors that affect Command Decision-Making

The ability to make critical decisions under pressure is vital for reducing risk to public safety. This guide highlights the factors that affect decision-making in this context.


Considerations For Training Development

How to improve decision-making, communication, leadership and interoperability in areas ranging from urban search and rescue and mass decontamination, to hostage negotiation and counter-terrorism.


Good news!

Congratulations to CREST doctoral researcher Liv Brown for passing her viva. Liv’s work examined teamwork in extreme environments – from multi-team systems to expedition teams. Liv is one of a wonderful crop of PhD students that CREST has funded and we are delighted for her.



29th September 2020

This virtual conference will showcase research on the human and socio-technical aspects of cyber security. If you’re keen to understand the social and behavioural aspects of cyber security, and to discover the latest research implications for policy and practice, then register to attend here:


Behavioural Analysis Week Online 2020

5th – 8th October 2020

A week of online presentations and panel discussions examine how negative intent can be identified through tactical risk analysis and non-racial profiling. Speakers are a blend of security practitioners and academics who will share the latest research and industry best practice. Now online, the event will be accessible both live and as recorded sessions. See the programme here.



Journal articles

Busher, J. & Jerome, L. (eds) The Prevent Duty in Education: Impact, Enactment and Implications, London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2020. ISBN 9783030455583. Available open access from August 2020 at This open access book explores the enactment, impact and implications of the Prevent Duty across a range of educational contexts, and includes contributions from CREST-affiliated researchers Joel Busher, James Lewis and Paul Thomas.

The team behind the CREST research study Community Reporting Thresholds (2017) have had an article accepted for Critical Studies on Terrorism: Thomas, P., Grossman, M., Christmann, K. & Miah, S., (2020), Overcoming Barriers to Community Reporting on Violent Extremism by “Intimates”: Emergent Findings from International Evidence.

Benjamin Lee and Kim Knott, ‘More Grist to the Mill? Reciprocal Radicalisation and Reactions to Terrorism in the Extreme Right Digital Milieu’, Perspectives on Terrorism, 14:3, 98–115, 2020.

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