CREST Round-up: October 2020

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/K/ And The Visual Culture Of Weapons Boards

Nuancing Chan Culture: /K/ and the Visual Culture of Weapons Boards

How much should we be concerned about weapons boards within the landscape of chan culture and online radicalisation?


Eliciting Information From Memory About Criminal Gangs And Terrorist Cells

A new method for supporting the recall of information from memory has been devised to help source handlers elicit information about people involved in criminal networks.


The Violent Extremist Lifecycle: Lessons From Northern Ireland

This guide draws on a reanalysis of interview data from the 1980s and 90s that explored the lifecycle phases among loyalist and republican paramilitaries from across Northern Ireland. It offers 12 lessons that are relevant not only to those working within the Northern Ireland context today but also to those working to reduce the threat from violent extremists elsewhere.



Journal articles

Buchanan, T. (2020). Why do people spread false information online? The effects of message and viewer characteristics on self-reported likelihood of sharing social media disinformation. PLoS One15(10), e0239666.

Ellis, D. A., (2020), Smartphones within psychological science. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

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