CREST Round-up: September 2020

This is a round-up of what CREST has been up to in September 2020. Stay up to date with all our work by signing up to the CREST newsletter.

Community Reporting On Terrorism: Bystanders Versus Social Intimates

Campaigns encourage us to come forward as early as possible to report concerns about people radicalising to violence. But how well do they speak to those closest to suspects of violent extremism?


Why Do People Share Disinformation On Social Media?

Why Do People Share Disinformation On Social Media?
Are they fooled by the disinformation, and spread it because they believe it is true? Do they know the information is fake but spread it anyway? How does the way disinformation is presented influence our likelihood of sharing it? And are some people more likely to share disinformation than others?


Taking Decisions About Information Value

Intelligence analysts are typically required to process large volumes of data in a timely manner in order to extract useful information and detect potential security threats. TIDE (Team Information Decision Engine) is a new software tool which addresses this challenge.


Farewell and thanks

This month we say goodbye to two CREST staff. CREST Administrative Assistant, Laura Summers, who joined us as maternity cover for Jen Reid, is leaving to take up a new post. We’re also very sad to be losing Professor Kim Knott, Deputy Director of CREST, who is retiring. Kim has played a major role in shaping her academic field as well as being instrumental to setting up CREST. Her loss will be felt by us and many others. We wish Laura all the best in her new role and Kim a long and enjoyable retirement.


SPRITE+ Sandpit Projects Announced 

SPRITE+ is delighted to announce the projects funded via its virtual sandpit on ‘Trust, Identity, Privacy, and Security in the post-Covid Digital Economy’, which took place in July this year.


Behavioural Analysis Week Online 2020

5th – 8th October 2020

A week of online presentations and panel discussions examine how negative intent can be identified through tactical risk analysis and non-racial profiling. Speakers are a blend of security practitioners and academics who will share the latest research and industry best practice. Now online, the event will be accessible both live and as recorded sessions. See the programme here.



Journal articles

Neil Ferguson & James W. McAuley, 2020. Staying engaged in terrorism: narrative accounts of sustaining participation in violent extremism. Frontiers in psychology.

Aikaterini Grimani, Anna Gavine and Wendy Moncur, 2020. An evidence synthesis of strategies, enablers and barriers for keeping secrets online regarding the procurement and supply of illicit drugs. International Journal of Drug Policy

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