CREST Roundup: January 2018

CREST roundup jan 18

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Job alert

We are looking to add to CREST’s pool of science writers, particularly with expertise in social sciences, psychology, computer science and other related topics with relevance to our focus on security threats.

The job of the science writer will vary from project to project. You will be provided with raw material from reports and research, and your role will be to summarise this for publication either on the CREST website, their quarterly magazine CREST Security Review, or sometimes working on podcasts, posters or infographics.

You need to bear in mind the intended audience for the piece of writing, as this can vary from non-specialists with a general interest in the topic, through to subject specialists who may need to get a detailed understanding of the topic.

Deadline: 5th February, 2018.

For more information click here


Research on decision making

Behavioural and Social Sciences in Security

CREST, the Centre for Research and Evidence on Security Threats, is inviting submissions for a three-day international conference in Lancaster, UK.

We are delighted to invite submissions for the first international conference on Behavioural and Social Sciences in Security (#BASS18). The theme of the conference is ‘From Inspiration to Impact: Research into Understanding, Countering and Mitigating Security Threats’.

The conference is hosted by CREST, an academic centre with significant stakeholder engagement and a proven commitment to translating research to action. It is an excellent opportunity to present research which has or will have an impact on policy or practice in any of the conference themes.

We are interested in theoretical, empirical and critical papers, posters and talks from any discipline on any form of past, present or future threat, which address one of the conference’s three themes:

  •    Understanding who and why.
  •    Better intelligence gathering and decisions.
  •    Protective security and risk assessment.

These themes, described in more detail here, will be interpreted broadly.

We invite submissions on these themes for:

  •     Twenty-minute papers.
  •     Posters.
  •     5-minute lightening talks on emerging research.

Deadline: Sunday, 18th March.Find out more here:

Decision making

Research on decision making

Read all our articles on decision making

These articles highlight research on decision making, showing how it has been applied in a variety of real-world settings, from extreme environments to the emergency services. All of these articles appeared in the latest issue of CREST Security Review (issue 6) and now they are available to be read and shared from our website.

See all our decision making articles here.

Welcome to CREST!

Samantha McGarry, PhD Student, Lancaster University.

We welcome our latest CREST associate Samantha McGarry. Prior to commencing her PhD, Samantha worked as a Probation Officer for twelve years, supporting desistence in violent offenders, including those with extremist values.

Samantha’s current research is seeking to improve understanding and conceptualisation of the inter-relationships between lone actor terrorists and extremist networks. She is currently preparing a paper which explores the potential utility of the concept of Cumulative Extremism, following a case study of National Action.

Samantha is supervised by Dr Sarah Marsden and Dr Benjamin Lee, with subject specific input from Professor Kim Knott.

Dr Aikaterini Grimani, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Dundee

We also welcome postdoctoral research fellow, Dr Aikaterini Grimani, to the Keeping Secrets Onlineproject funded by CREST at the University of Dundee.

Aikaterini has published papers in peer-reviewed journals and has presented at both Greek and international conferences. Her PhD was in the broad area of Labour and Health economics.

From January 2016 to December 2017 Aikaterini worked as a postdoctoral Researcher in Health Economics at Karolinska Institutet in Sweden.

Her recent work includes the production of systematic reviews regarding the economic evaluation of occupational health and safety interventions from the employer perspective, the effectiveness of workplace health promotion interventions on worksite outcomes, the impact of worksite smoking and alcohol interventions on economic outcomes, and the impact of worksite back pain interventions on productivity and work performance.

Out and about

Sikh radicalisation in Britain

Dr Jasjit Singh has made various appearances this month:

Terrorist financing streams

Professor Nicholas Ryder was interviewed by the US network CNBC and asked to discuss the findings of his research on the terrorist financing streams of ISIL. He also discussed several initial findings of his new research project on how ISIL using social media platforms to transfer funding. The interview can be accessed via this link: CNBC

Professor Ryder was also invited to give a paper for Aperio Intelligence entitled ‘The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: a critical review of its response to money laundering and terrorist financing’.

Public lecture on terrorist radicalisation

Dr Noemie Bouhana gave a public lecture at the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin in December based on this online article:


CREST on film

CREST YouTube Channel

Watch CREST researchers talk about their topic of study

Last year we uploaded several videos of our researchers, talking about their studies, to our YouTube channel. These videos are another way to the share our fantastic CREST-funded research on security threats.

A year on and we catch up with familiar faces on their latest findings and where their research is headed, as well as introduce some of our new commissioned research. You can watch all the videos here.

Watch Christina Winters talk about her research on eliciting information in pre-employment vetting interviews. Christina is a CREST-funded doctoral researcher, based at the University of Lancaster.

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How Does A Smuggler Behave?

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