CREST Roundup: May 2017

CREST roundup May

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Event write-ups

Children, Justice and Communication Conference

Children have been and are increasingly being targeted for radicalisation. Thus, how we safeguard and gather information from such vulnerable groups is imperative to help fight security threats.

On the 4th and 5th May, the University of Portsmouth’s Centre of Forensic Interviewing led by Professor Becky Milne, hosted the Children, Justice and Communication conference and was attended by over 150 people, academics and practitioners from a host of organisations, including: the police, NCA, social services, CPS, judiciary, probation, education, and the wider government.

Academics and practitioners came together to engage with contemporary research ranging from defining children and safeguarding, examining vulnerability, children as witnesses and suspects, and youth justice.

The conference featured a number of CREST researchers, who presented their work on the changing face of vulnerability, which featured as part of a wider CREST core programme.

Events such as this provide an effective environment for researchers and practitioners to engage in current and highly significant topics within the criminal justice system.


The Centre of Forensic Interviewing would like to thank all those who attended, presented, and CREST for supporting what was a well-attended conference. Special thanks to the following staff: Jenny Weaver, Karen Nixon, Fiona Wadie, Gary Dalton, and Jordan Nunan for organising such a successful conference.

Vox-Pol Workshop On Comparative Approaches To Understanding Violent And Non-Violent Online Extremism

Vox-Pol Workshop On Comparative Approaches To Understanding Violent And Non-Violent Online Extremism

On 22nd May 2017, UCL convened a one-day workshop (via the H2020 VOX-Pol project) in London on comparative approaches to understanding violent and non-violent online extremism.

The workshop aimed to gain an insight into the main debates, issues, achievements, gaps and methodological challenges into research on (non-) violent online political extremism and online radicalisation, but also encourage constructive dialogue and cross pollination across different disciplines and case studies to learn from one another.

Speakers included CREST researchers:
Paul Gill with welcome and introduction.
Ces Moore on Foreign Fighters and New Media Ecologies
Liz Morrow on How the English Defence League Sells Self-Worth and Manages Stigma Online

Out and about

Association For Psychological Science Convention

This year’s prestigious APS Convention in Boston features a CREST symposium showcasing how different research methods can reveal new knowledge that can support the understanding and countering of security threats. The presenters are Professor Lorraine Hope, Dr Michael Humann, Professor Neil Ferguson, and Dr Emma Barrett.

Sikhs and South Asians in the Public Sphere

Jasjit Singh attended a conference on ‘Sikhs and South Asians in the Public Sphere’ held at the University of California Riverside, where he presented the findings of his CREST research project on ‘Sikh radicalisation in Britain’. The presentation was really well received and he’ll be presenting his findings to a number of Sikh community events over the next few months. Details to follow!

CREST Conference on Children, Justice and Communication

Kim Knott organised a panel on ‘Radicalisation and changing face of vulnerability’ at the CREST Conference on Children, Justice and Communication, held at the University of Portsmouth, 4-5 May 2017. Simon Copeland, Jasjit Singh, Amanda van Eck Duymaer van Twist, Basia Spalek and Robina Zafar were the speakers.

Lancaster University Community Day

An exhibition and panel on ‘Radicalisation: Your Questions Answered’ was held in conjunction with Lancaster University Community Day on 6 May. Sarah Marsden, who organised the event, was joined by members of CREST Programme 2: Ben Lee, Simon Copeland, Rosie Mutton and James Lewis, and by Mohammed Ali Amla.

ECR Series

ECR Early career researchers on security threats
Read about the innovative research undertaken by CREST’s Early Career Researchers.

When we launched CREST, one of our central aims was to increase the capacity of researchers with the tools, the skills and the desire to engage in research on security threats. A crucial element of that strategy was developing a new generation of researchers, from across a range of disciplines, who could be the future leaders of security research.

Throughout April, many of these researchers wrote blogs about the projects they are working on with CREST. We’re proud of the range and quality of all the research CREST carries out and we hope you’re just as excited about the new research taking place.

You can you read all the blogs from our early career researchers here. Remember to check back as they update us on their work.

Opportunities & Events

National Academies Decadal Survey on Social and Behavioral Sciences for National Security: Second call for white papers

As part of the outreach and information gathering requirement, the decadal survey has two separate calls for white papers. Papers submitted in response to the first call (February 2017) can be found here.

The first call asked for insights into the challenges and needs across a range of social and behavioral domains with implications for national security and intelligence analysis.

The second call focuses on research solutions in the social and behavioral sciences to a variety of analytic challenges and needs. For more information click here.

The deadline for submissions is June 12, 2017.


iIIRG 2017 Monterey, CA.
10th Annual Conference & Masterclass of the International Investigative Interviewing Research Group

The iIIRG annual conference promotes specialist knowledge exchange between practitioners and academics, professionals and researchers, all with an interest and expertise in:

  • Investigative interviewing of victims, witnesses, and suspects
  • High interest groups and intelligence interviewing
  • International war crimes investigations
  • Interview advice, training, and decision making
  • Specialist interviewing skills (including intimidated, vulnerable and reluctant witnesses, use of intermediaries)
  • Forensic linguistics
  • Detecting deception

Join for the two day masterclass on intelligence interviewing and three days of professional presentations on the most recent research findings, and ample opportunities to share best practice.

For more information about the conference and venue:

July 2017
Masterclass: 3 July – 4 July
Conference: 5 July – 7 July

CREST on film

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CREST YouTube channel

Our YouTube channel showcases some of the research and work undertaken by CREST Researchers. Watch these videos and learn more about what other CREST researchers are doing. We encourage you to share these videos, which you can also view on our website here.

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Watch Professor Laurence Alison talk about his CREST research which examines police and emergency service response during a counter terrorism live exercise, with specific focus on expertise, team decision making, and command-level inertia.

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Blog roundup

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