CREST Round-up: May 2020

This is a round-up of what CREST has been up to in May 2020. Stay up to date with all our work by signing up to the CREST newsletter.


CLICKA stands for Collecting and Leveraging Identity Cues with Keystroke Analysis. In other words, what can we learn about an individual’s identity by the way they type?


A Short Guide to Narratives of the Far-Right

Far-right narratives vary according to the beliefs of those telling them, but they often reflect similar themes.


The Risks of Digital Hoarding

Digital hoarding can cause major problems for an organisation. So what are the risks, what type of person digitally hoards and why, and what can be done about it?



SPRITE+ Sandpit, July 2020

Call for participants to attend the SPRITE+ Virtual Sandpit on Trust, Identity, Privacy, and Security in the Post-Covid Digital Economy



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Journal articles

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