CREST Roundup: October 2019

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Impact review

A review of the impact of CREST’s research projects has found that CREST’s role as a national hub for research into security threats is highly valued.

Now coming to the end of its fourth year of operation CREST has undertaken a review of the impact of its activities and outputs. The review was conducted by Dr Jo Edwards of Lucidity Solutions, with the aim of better understanding what impact CREST research has achieved, in individual projects, across its core programmes as well as commissioned projects.

For the purpose of the review, impact was considered in broad terms, drawing on a range of sources that are relevant to the social sciences and that provide different lenses through which impact can be evaluated.

The report sets out these findings and is accompanied by a set of case studies that demonstrate specific examples of where impact has been achieved, along with a suggested framework for a more systematic evaluation of impact.

The findings from the review demonstrate that there is strong evidence that CREST’s research is delivering impact for end-users, enabling them to achieve changes in practice, advances in understanding, and timely development of skills and knowledge.

The review also found that CREST’s role as a national hub is valued highly by its funders and other stakeholders as well as its researchers, particularly in relation to the quality and range of CREST research, the impact it is achieving and the role that CREST is playing to support that impact.

The review is available to download now and also includes recommendations to suggest ways that CREST could further enhance its unique national role.

You can download the Impact Review here:

CREST Catalogue – updated


The new catalogue helps by making it easier to find guides, reports and journals that relate to the same topic.

CREST has published an updated catalogue listing all CREST resources up until September 2019. Divided into thematic categories it includes all our guides, reports and open-access journal articles.

The catalogue indexes CREST’s outputs under three different themes:

  • Understanding Who & Why
  • Better Intelligence Gathering & Decisions
  • Protecting Ourselves

You can find the CREST Catalogue here:

Commissioning call

CREST is pleased to announce its fourth call for commissioned projects.

This new round of commissioning is made possible by funds from the UK’s Home Office. These funds are administered by the Economic and Social Research Council, which safeguards the academic independence and rigour of CREST’s work.

The call is open to Higher Education Institutions, Research Organisations, charities, commercial companies, and individuals from the UK and overseas, who can demonstrate a capability to deliver a high-quality programme of research on short projects (<6 months).

Successful applicants will become part of CREST’s larger research programme, benefiting from resources for translating and communicating evidence for impact, and opportunities for sustained interaction with our key stakeholders – including UK and overseas governments.

Topic focus
Applicants should propose a programme of work that addresses one of the following topics:

  • Disengagement and desistence literature review and infographics.
  • Drivers of involvement in terrorism
  • Further development of risk assessment ‘schemes’ for Channel
  • Further development of risk assessment schemes for DDP
  • Knowledge management across the 4 CT ‘P’s’
  • Routes into and experiences within online communities promoting extremism and terrorism
  • Developing online counter-narrative interventions in response to search terms and website visits
  • Terrorist platform migration.

The work will be due for completion by August 2020. Please see the Call Specification (available from this page) for more details on each topic.

The total amount available for this Call will be up to £585,000 at 100 per cent full Economic Cost (fEC), of which 80 per cent fEC (i.e., up to £468,000) will be made available to successful applicants. CREST will not reimburse costs associated with the development or submission of a proposal.

Applications must be submitted by 15:00 GMT on 13th November 2019.

More information
Please download the Call Specification and CREST Subaward Terms from the following page:

Out and about

Presentations and awards

Professor Kim Knott gave a keynote lecture on ‘Religion matters and security practice’ at the Irish Society for the Academic Study of Religion in Dublin on 11 October 2019. In September and October she presented work on ‘Radicalisation through the lens of ideological learning’ to diverse groups of security practitioners.

Dr Benjamin Lee’s research for the government commission on countering extremism was referenced in the commissions report published this month:



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