CREST Roundup: September 2017

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CREST’s 2nd birthday

CREST's 2nd birthdayIt’s CREST’s birthday on the 1st October! We’ve had a busy couple of years and lots still to do. We’ve produced over 600 articles, guides, blogs, presentations and other outputs based on our work and while I hope that you’ve enjoyed working with us, I also hope that these outputs have had a positive impact on how you do your job.

September has been no exception. Many CREST researchers met at our annual conference, which was a great opportunity to network and learn about each other’s work. We also recorded a lot of new videos about our research and will be releasing these soon.

Also coming soon is the next issue of CREST Security Review, and following that a steady stream of outputs based on our research. Take a look below for some highlights from the past month and what to expect from us soon.


New report on community reporting thresholds

What Are The Barriers To Reporting People Suspected Of Violent Extremism?
What Are The Barriers To Reporting People Suspected Of Violent Extremism?
A vital element of counter-terrorism strategy is encouraging people to report suspected terrorists. But it isn’t easy to do this if it’s someone you know, a family member or friend.

In a new report, CREST Researchers Paul Thomas and Michele Grossman look at the barriers to reporting, and make suggestions as to how these might be overcome.
The full report is available to download here and an executive summary here.
Read more from the project here.

New ECR blog

Youngman insurgency in Russia's North Caucasus.
Learning from ideological variance and change
What can the Islamist Caucasus Emirate group teach us about the ideology of insurgent groups? Mark Youngman seeks to find out, in the process showing us why studying the ideologies of terrorist groups is important. Read here.

You can read all the Early Career Researcher (ECR) blogs here.

Press and publications

Liz Morrow and Ces Moore had article piece ‘After Islamic State‘ published on Birmingham Blogs following the ESRC IAA award and workshop series.

Monica Lloyd and Pamela Kleinot (2017). Pathways into terrorism: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, 1-11.

Aldert Vrij, Christian Meissner, Ronald Fisher, Saul Kassin, Andy Morgan III, & Steven Kleinman (2017). Psychological Perspectives on Interrogation. Perspectives on Psychological Science. Full text available here.

Out and about

Sikh radicalisation
On the 12th Sept Dr Jasjit Singh presented ‘Sikh Radicalisation in Britain’ hosted by the Sikh Press Association at Norwood Hall, Southall.

Creating your own ticking time bomb?
Prof. Rosalind Searle and Dr Charis Rice recently presented an interim findings paper from their CREST funded study at the Society for Terrorism Research, New York. Their paper, ‘Creating your own ticking time bomb? The role of employee experience of organisational change in predicting insider threat behaviour’ attracted significant interest and the team met a number of useful contacts for going forward.

Euro ERC starter grant
Congratulations to Dr Paul Gill who has been awarded €1.5 million via the Euro ERC Starter Grant.

Report launch
As mentioned above, CREST has released a new report on reporting ‘intimates’ suspected of involvement in extremism. The CREST-funded research team, led by Professors Paul Thomas (Huddersfield) and Michele Grossman (Deakin) held a public launch of the project at the University of Huddersfield on 18 September.

Opportunities and events

Job opening

Assistant / Associate Professor of Psychology
The Psychology Department at the University of Warwick is making a new appointment in Behavioural Sciences, with a special focus on Security-related research.

Candidates will hold a PhD in Psychology or equivalent in a closely related subject. Alongside an excellent publication record, the successful candidate will have proven ability to independently attract external research funding. Candidates will be expected to undertake research, teaching, administration and other activities supporting the work of the Department and developing and enhancing its reputation, both internal and external to the University.

Deadline: 26th October 2017
Click here more for more details.


Truth without Torture
The Convention against Torture Initiative (CTI) will hold a public event on “Truth without torture – a role-play on investigative interviewing” The role-play will be carried out by two representatives from the Norwegian police, Superintendent Asbjørn Rachlew and Superintendent Sigurd Sundt, who are experienced in applying investigative interviewing and among the first to introduce the concept in Norway. The role-play will be followed by input from two discussants, CREST researcher Becky Milne, Professor of Forensic Psychology and Mr. Edson Luis Baldan, Police Officer, Sao Paolo Police Academy, Brazil, who will share their impressions and experiences on the application of investigative interviewing. An open debate will follow.

The event is public and open to anyone interested. See here for more details.
Date of Event: 5th October 2017

The Immorality of Physical and Psychological Torture
CREST researcher Lorraine Hope has a speaking slot for this one-day conference, which includes specialist talks from world renowned experts. It will explore the emerging research re-shaping investigative and intelligence interviewing in a world where many believe enhanced torture techniques should be more widely used. The conference will close with a discussion on the way forward in terms of collaborative research.

Date of Event: 13th October 2017
Last Booking Date for this Event: 12th October 2017

For more details on how to attend click here.


AHRC-ESRC-FCO Knowledge Exchange Fellowship Scheme
The Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC), Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) and the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) are pleased to invite applications from arts and humanities, and social science researchers to the AHRC-ESRC-FCO Knowledge Exchange (KE) Fellowships scheme.

The scheme will provide the opportunity for each intake of fellows to be seconded into the FCO to work alongside, advise and influence policymakers. Fellows will bring fresh thinking, depth and breadth of expert knowledge and apply their learning to policy challenges. This is not a scheme to support research projects about the FCO. It will build new capacity across the UK research base and in the FCO.

The scheme will help the Fellow further their understanding of how foreign policy-making and Government work as well as developing networks of trusted connections across Government and internationally.

The scheme will appoint 3 to 4 KE Fellows working between 0.6 to 0.8 FTE for 24 months. The fellow will be funded by the Research Councils (at 80% FEC).

Deadline: 31st October 2017
For more details click here.

CREST on film

youtube header small

CREST YouTube channel

Our YouTube channel showcases some of the research and work undertaken by CREST Researchers. Watch these videos and learn more about what other CREST researchers are doing. We encourage you to share these videos, which you can also view on our website here.

All of our videos are available under Creative Commons licence, which means you are free to share but please attribute by linking back to our youtube channel and website.

Dr Jasjit Singh’s CREST research explores the current state of Sikh radicalisation in the UK. Watch Jasjit talk about the threat and likelihood of violent Sikh extremism, and the involvement of Sikhs in far right and anti-Muslim movements.

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Read and share:
Learning From Ideological Variance And Change by Mark Youngman.
What Are The Barriers To Reporting People Suspected Of Violent Extremism? by Paul Thomas and Michele Grossman.
Covert Networks by Martin Everett.
Trust And Insider Threat: Ensuring We Don’t Look Back – Or Forward – In Anger by Rosalind Searle and Charis Rice.
Extremist Prose As Networks by Stephane Baele, Katharine Boyd and Travis Coan.
NEWS CREST Roundup: August 2017

Coming soon

After Islamic State reports I-IV
CREST has led a series of ‘After Islamic State’ workshops to address the potential implications of the demise of Islamic States’s territory in Syria and Iraq. Convened by CREST Researcher, Dr Cerwyn Moore, these workshops brought together scholars and practitioners from around the globe.

As a result of these in-depth discussions we’ve created a series of reports which summarise each of the workshops. The first report in the series, After Islamic State: Understanding the End of the Caliphate, is available to read, download and share.

Keep an eye out for new reports on this coming out soon.

New videos
Make sure you subscribe to our youtube channel as we’ll be shortly adding over twenty new videos from our researchers. There will be new faces talking about this years commissioned projects, as well as familiar faces giving updates on their research.

Research posters
Next month we’ll also be uploading posters based on our projects to our website. They are accessible summaries of our projects, and look great. You will be able to view, download and share these research posters, which we encourage, and we’d also like to hear your views and feedback on them.

CREST Security Review (issue 6)
The next issue is on Decision Making and will be out soon. Highlights include an A-Z of decision making and new research on why professionals are needed to assess risks of violence.

Copyright notice

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