CREST Security Review: Stress and resilience

The latest issue of CREST Security Review, published today, focuses on stress and resilience.

We’re delighted to announce that the tenth issue of CREST Security Review has been published and you can read it both on the CSR app (free download here) or on our website here.

To varying degrees, stress is a factor in all our lives, on a regular basis. How we react to that stress and how resilient we are to it differs from person to person and between situations.

Bringing together research from a range of disciplines and topics, this issue of CREST Security Review helps develop understanding on how we can identify, learn about and apply lessons from how stress manifests and how resilience can be developed.

This issue has benefited from two excellent guest editors, Professor Emma Barrett and Dr Nathan Smith, both based at the University of Manchester.

They’ve pulled together an issue drawn on research from a variety of experts and approaches, from sports and military applications to learning from refugees and network analyses. Emma and Nathan have also provided an overview of the articles focusing on our special topic, which include:

  • Conflict management in extreme environments
  • Examining the impact of stress on memory for high-pressure incidents
  • Stress and resilience in al-Qaeda terrorists
  • Strengths and vulnerabilities in (covert) network structure
  • Developing more resilient sociotechnical systems
  • Cyber resilience
  • Developing resilience for sustained success
  • Resilience in refugees
  • The complexities of post-conflict reconciliation
  • Remote combat readiness and resiliency

Each issue of CREST Security Review also features articles outside of its special focus. In this issue we feature:

  • Techniques to help undercover sources recall information.
  • The dangers of underestimating the role women play in violent extremism.

This is our second issue to go out simultaneously in print, online and in our mobile app.

You can find details on how to download the app here.

Like the magazine, we’ve aimed for an experience that presents rigorous science in an accessible way that looks good. We value your feedback on how you find using the new portals (please use our contact page).

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