Early career researchers on security threats

ECR Early career researchers on security threats
Read about the innovative research undertaken by CREST's Early Career Researchers.

Read about the innovative applied research being undertaken by early career researchers at the Centre for Research and Evidence on Security Threats.

When we launched CREST, one of our central aims was to increase the capacity of researchers with the tools, the skills and the desire to engage in research on security threats. A crucial element of that strategy was developing a new generation of researchers, from across a range of disciplines, who could be the future leaders of security research.

We’ve directly funded over 15 PhD students and post-doctoral researchers. Including others who we support as part of our network, we have over 20 early career researchers within the CREST network.

To help support these researchers, we have special training and events to help develop their skills and allow them to meet and learn from each other’s experiences. We offer all of our PhD students supervision from experts across our network. This model of cross-site supervision ensures they get a range of experience and exposure to staff at several centres of excellence.

We also offer all our early career researchers the opportunity to engage and learn from a range of stakeholders, learning how to design and communicate research that can be applied in real-world settings.

ECR Series

Throughout April, many of these researchers are writing blogs about the projects they are working on with CREST. We’ll be publishing them over the course of the month, and you’ll be able to read them all here.

Their work tackles a variety of subjects, from understanding grassroots efforts to counter violent extremism, to research looking at how the way we lie changes across cultures, and studies to better help people recall important information.

Some of our early career researchers have also spoken about their work with CREST, and you can watch these here.

We’re proud of the range and quality of all the research CREST carries out to help understand, mitigate and counter security threats to the UK. But we’re especially excited about the new cohort of researchers that we’re developing. You can you read all the blogs from our early career researchers here, and make sure to check back as they update us on their work.

You can also read about their work and the rest of CREST’s research through our monthly newsletter, sign up here.

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