Launch of UK Home Office cyber crime research open grant competition

Launch of UK Home Office cyber crime research open grant competition

The UK Home Office is launching an open grant competition to fund social science or interdisciplinary academic research projects on Understanding, Preventing and Responding to Cyber Crime*.

This is the final round of Home Office-led grant funding via the National Cyber Security Programme, following two initial grant calls held in 2018.

They will be inviting research bids to help build the evidence base on the following key research themes:

  • Cyber Prevent – understanding cyber offenders, the risk factors for offending, and offending pathways – for overseas as well as UK-based offenders; evaluating the effectiveness of interventions to prevent people becoming involved in cyber crime and interventions to divert those on an offending pathway.
  • Cyber Protect – developing and testing interventions to improve cyber security behaviours amongst the public and businesses; evaluating interventions and determining measures of long term changes to behaviour.
  • Future technological developments and policing of cyber crime – understanding effective approaches to tackling cyber crime at the national, regional and local level; understanding how future technological changes may enable crime, and how technology may also be used by law enforcement to tackle cyber crime.

They welcome academic-led proposals with collaborative, multi-disciplinary approaches, employing any appropriate and justified methodological techniques. Proposals either focused on single sub questions within the themes, or those looking to address multiple questions within the themes will be equally welcome.

Projects will be expected to start during April 2020 at the earliest and complete by end of March 2021.

Social science or interdisciplinary research projects of varying sizes will be financed from a total remaining grant fund of £400,000.

For further information and to register please visit the Government’s contract finder website here.

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