New lectureship in Investigative Expertise

Lancaster University

New lectureship within CREST at Lancaster

The Psychology department at Lancaster University is hiring a full-time lecturer (equivalent of assistant professor) in investigative expertise. Applicants should be conducting research at the forefront of psychology and law, using theories of cognition (e.g., related to memory, perception) and/or socio-cognition (e.g., related to group dynamics, stereotypes) to better understand the nature of nature of investigator behaviour in uncertain and complex environments. Their work should take advantage of the Department’s refurbished research space, which includes laboratories for ambient manipulation, computer-based testing, EEG, eye-tracking, motion capture, social sensors, remote observation, and virtual reality. We welcome applications from candidates who have contributed to any area of psychology, cognitive science or computational social science, so long as they have a vision for how to translate their research to answer questions in security.

The successful applicant to this lectureship will become a member of CREST. They will be working towards the strand of CREST’s work seeking to understand how practices and policies are consumed and shaped by the cognitive and social characteristics of investigators and their working environments. Experience of translating research into practice and policy recommendations for law enforcement and the security and intelligence agencies will be an advantage.

For further information on the job and to apply please visit:

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