October: New Projects and Publications

CREST investigators have secured further funding to boost the research projects of the Programmes, worth over £500K. These projects will support the appointment of 4 Research Associates, pay for experimental testing at Portsmouth and Lancaster, and help develop training methods for stakeholders. The projects will:

  • Examine novel memory recall techniques for use with uncooperative witnesses, in order to further develop a memory-based lie detection tool;
  • Examine how to best use an interpreter during investigative interviews, including the impact of interpreters on efforts to detect detection;
  • Develop and trial training in ‘error recovery’ (i.e., what to say and do to rebuild rapport and trust) for law enforcement officers; and,
  • Evaluate the value and ethics of using linguistic analysis to aid assessment and selection of potential employees.

The following papers by CREST members were published (online first) this month: