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CREST researchers and associates have produced posters on their latest studies, which are now available as a free resource.

Poster presentations are a common way for researchers to showcase their projects and share their findings. The combination of text and graphics allow researchers to communicate their work in a way that is visually interesting and accessible. Simplified overviews and concise explanations on why the research is important also makes for interesting reading and easy digesting, in comparison to lengthy essays or books.

winning postersWe’re really proud of these posters, and justifiably so as one of our doctoral researchers has just won an award for Best Poster at the 2017 Defence and Security Doctoral Symposium hosted by Cranfield University – congratulations to Lynn Weiher. You can download Lynn’s poster here.

That’s why, as part of CREST’s mission in sharing research as widely as possible, we have made our researcher’s posters on security threats available as another free public resource.

CREST PhD posters

See the posters created by CREST funded PhDs, and learn about the projects being undertaken by our up-coming, promising researchers on security threats.

Lynn WeiherLynn Weiher’s study explores the relationship between nonverbal and verbal behaviour on rapport.

Lynn’s aim is to find a new, objective measure of rapport that is independent from self-report data.

Download her award winning poster here read more about her research here.

Safe Space: Does Context Affect Self-Disclosure in Security Vetting?Can the place you’re interviewed in affect what information you disclose? From public coffee shops to skype calls, Christina L. Winters investigates whether and why different settings increases the quantity of information shared in interviews.

Find out more about Christina Winters research on security vetting by downloading her poster here and watch her talk about her research here.

Rosie Mutton posterRosie Mutton looks at the role of women in violent extremist groups. Her research has the potential to impact how women are perceived as security threats, and the type of preventive action that might be required to address this threat.

Download Rosie’s poster here to find out more and read more about her research here.

There’s plenty more CREST-funded doctoral research to learn about. See the full collection of posters here.

CREST programme posters

We also have posters from CREST’s core programmes of research, presenting the projects they are working on:

  1. Actors and Narratives
  2. Ideas, Beliefs and Values in Social Context
  3. Understanding and Countering Online Behaviour
  4. Eliciting Information
  5. Protective Security and Risk Assessment

CREST mindmaps

Mindmap NetworksIn addition to the research posters, we’ve also uploaded all the infographics featured in CREST Security Review (CSR), infographics which you are free to download, print out and share. You can find them all here.

All of our researcher’s fantastic posters can be found on the researcher’s profile page too, as well as all together as a collection here. Feel free to view, download and share.

Prefer a printed copy? These posters can be printed up to A0, but are still readable as A4 print outs.

These posters are produced under a Creative Commons 4.0 BY-NC-SA licence. This means you are allowed to use any of our posters, with attribution, but please email us at to say where you’re using it.

For more information on how you can use our content read our copyright page.

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