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Help us provide evidence on the influence of CREST’s research by completing a questionnaire addressing the reach and impact of CREST’s work for practitioners and academics.

As we move towards our fourth year of operation we are interested in analysing the impact of our activities and outputs. To that end we have commissioned an external agency, Lucidity Solutions, to provide an independent account of the impact of CREST’s research in our first three years of operation.

This project seeks to better understand and document what our researchers have achieved by tracing the journey of individual projects, from initial research co-design through to changes in awareness, understanding, practice, policy, training, or operational decisions.

While we do not anticipate the review being exhaustive, we hope that the review will covers different forms of research output, different forms of impact, and different kinds of success.

As part of this process Lucidity Solutions have released two questionnaires for completion: one by users of our research (for example, but not limited to, civil servants, police officers and teachers – in the UK and overseas); and another for use by academic researchers.

Through these questionnaires, we’re hoping to gather evidence about the depth and breadth of the impact that CREST research has had.

The questionnaires are being administered by Lucidity Solutions. Results will be aggregated and no individual responders will be identified in any reports or outputs of this review.

The questionnaire for users of CREST research can be found here:

The questionnaire for academic researchers can be found here:

If in doubt about which questionnaire you should complete, please complete the  user questionnaire.

Both questionnaires will remain open until 5pm on 28th June.

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