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CREST Videos - watch researchers talk about their projects.

From PhDs to Professors, our CREST researchers talk about their cutting-edge research on security issues – and explain why it is so important.

Last year we uploaded several videos of our researchers, talking about their studies, to our YouTube channel. These videos are another way to the share the fantastic CREST funded research on security threats currently being undertaken.

A year on and we catch up with familiar faces on their latest findings and where their research is headed.

Updates on projects

CREST funded doctoral student Irina Tache talks about the evidence she’s found so far a year into her research on Cross Cultural Unexpected Questions. She explains that people change the way they speak when they lie, compared to when they tell the truth, but that this difference is dependant on their cultural background. Irina discusses that in some cases, what is used to determine the truth in one culture, can wrongfully accuse an honest person of lying from another culture.

Dr Jasjit Singh’s CREST research explores the current state of Sikh Radicalisation in the UK. In his updated video he gives a brief overview of his findings, including his evaluation of the threat and likelihood of violent Sikh extremism.

Emma Boakes, who works with CREST researcher Professor Debi Ashenden, talks about research on Autonomous Workgroups to Improve Security. Emma explains how employees are essential to the cyber security of an organisation, and how organisations can encourage and enable employees to adopt appropriate security behaviours.

We also hear from Director of CREST, Professor Paul Taylor, who talks about how CREST has grown in the last two years, from the visible achievements, such as CREST’s resources, to the work taking place behind the scenes. He also speaks about CREST’s goals and reflects on what CREST’s accomplishments mean for the future. Watch Paul talk here and here.

New projects

We also have some new faces from our recent commissioning call talk about their exciting new projects.

Professor Wendy Moncur gives an overview on her project Keeping Secrets Online. Aiming to uncover a diverse range of strategies for hiding online information, Wendy explains why this research would be hugely beneficial.

Dr Gordon Wright explains about how his newly CREST funded project on Measuring & Training Rapport is designed to develop a rapport training programme, for use in investigative interviewing setting.

Watch all these researchers and more here. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel to be notified when new videos go up.

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