We are delighted to announce that our latest call for commissioned projects is now open.

The call, for up to £1.25m (at 100% fEC), forms a central part of our commitment to bring the widest possible expertise to bear on a range of important topics.

The call is open to higher education institutions, research organisations, charities, commercial companies, and individuals from the UK and overseas, who can demonstrate a capability to deliver a high-quality programme of research on the following topics.

Successful applicants will become part of our larger research programme, benefiting from resources for translating and communicating evidence for impact, and opportunities for sustained interaction with our key stakeholders – including UK and overseas governments.

Call topics

  • Identifying Social Media Influencers and their Impact
  • Evidence Base of Data-driven Personalised Advertising
  • Culture and Effective Messaging Overseas
  • Predicting Narcissism and Risk Appetite from Language Data
  • The Effects of Communication Medium on Working Relationships
  • Joiners to Online Communities: How do People Build Trust, Credibility, and Influence?
  • Evaluating the Cumulative Impact of Targeting Hardening
  • Evaluating Security Interventions in Public Locations
  • Evaluating the Cumulative Impact of HMG’s Counter-Terrorism Communications
  • Determining the Right Balance of Information Provision/Overt Communications to Achieve Effective Deterrence
  • How to Support and Enhance Community Deterrence
  • Evaluating and Improving the Learning from Multi-Agency Counter-Terrorism Exercises
  • Counter-Terrorism Appraisal Guidance
  • Prosecution Landscape for Extremist Actors
  • Contagion of Extremism
  • LASIT Analytical Framework
  • Rapid Reviews for Knowledge Sharing
  • Environment and Interventions
  • Conspiracy Theories and Extremism
  • Online-offline Hybrid Intervention

Projects are due to commence after October 2021.  All projects should be complete by December 2022.

The call closes at 16:00 GMT on 5 May 2021.

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