Professor of Applied Social Psychology, University of Portsmouth

Aldert Vrij is Professor of Applied Social Psychology, University of Portsmouth (UK). His main research interest is deception, resulting in almost 500 publications. He received grants from British Research Councils, Trusts and Foundations, Insurers, Federal Bureau of Investigation, High value detainee Interrogation Group, and American, British, Dutch, and Singapore Governments, totalling > £4,300,000. He works closely with practitioners (police, security services and insurers) in terms of conducting research and disseminating it’s findings. His 2008 book Detecting lies and deceit: Pitfalls and opportunities is a comprehensive overview of research into (non)verbal and physiological deception and lie detection. He is the contact person of the European consortium of Psychological Research on Deception Detection (EPRODD)

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Recent publications

Vrij, A., Hope, L., & Fisher, R. P. (2014). Eliciting reliable information in investigative interviews. Policy Insights from Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 1, 129-136. DOI: 10.1177/2372732214548592.
Vrij, A., Fisher, R., Blank, H. (2015). A cognitive approach to lie detection: A meta-analysis. Legal and Criminological Psychology. DOI:10.1111/lcrp.12088.
Vrij, A., Leal, S., Mann, S., Vernham, Z., & Brankaert, F. (2015). Translating theory into practice: Evaluating a cognitive lie detection training workshop. Journal of Applied Research in Memory and Cognition, 4, 110-120. doi:10.1016/j.jarmac.2015.02.002

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