Professor of Computing, Lancaster University

Awais's research spans software engineering and cyber security. He focuses on novel software modularity techniques that underpin software that is adaptable, evolvable and resilient in the face of changes and the volatile nature of user requirements and behaviours in the modern digital world. This naturally ties in with his cyber security research which focuses on developing tools and techniques that are adaptable to the constantly changing threat patterns utilised by criminals online. He is also researching techniques for determining risks arising from hitherto unseen cyber attacks and the role of identity in cyber security as well as the relationship between online and offline identities. He leads the European Network of Excellence in Aspect-Oriented Software Development as well as the EPSRC-GCHQ Academic Centre of Excellence in Cyber Security Research at Lancaster University.

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CREST’s work is structured by five Programmes of activity. You can find out more information about our core programmes, as well as our commissioned projects here.

Awais Rashid is part of the Understanding And Countering Online Behaviour programme. Read more about this project here.

Recent publications

Edwards, M., Rashid, A., Rayson, P. (2015) A systematic survey of online data mining technology intended for law enforcement. In ACM Computing Surveys. 48, 1.
May-Chahal, C., Mason, C., Rashid, A., Walkerdine, J., Rayson, P., Greenwood, P. (2014) Safeguarding cyborg childhoods: incorporating the on/offline behaviour of children into everyday social work practices. In British Journal of Social Work. 44, 3, p. 596-614.
Rashid, A., Baron, A., Rayson, P., May-Chahal, C., Greenwood, P., Walkerdine, J. (2013) Who am I? Analysing Digital Personas in Cybercrime Investigations. In Computer. 46, 4, p. 54-61.
Baron, A., Rayson, P., Greenwood, P., Walkerdine, J., Rashid, A. (2012) Children Online: A survey of child language and CMC corpora. In International Journal of Corpus Linguistics. 17, 4, p. 443-481.

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