Senior Research Associate, Lancaster University

Benjamin holds a PhD from the Institute for Social Change at the University of Manchester where he studied the use of digital tools in election campaigning in the UK during the 2010 general election. In addition, he holds an MA in Political Science, also from the University of Manchester, and a BA in War Studies from King’s College London. Before joining CREST, Benjamin was a research associate on the European-funded project on far-right populist communication - eEngagement Against Violence - at the University of Leicester, and an oral history interviewer collecting archival material on anti-fascist campaigning in the UK at the University of Northampton. Benjamin’s research interests include: political communication, campaigning, digital media, and the far-right.

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Project information

CREST’s work is structured by five Programmes of activity. You can find out more information about our core programmes, as well as our commissioned projects here.

Benjamin Lee is part of the Ideas, Beliefs And Values In Social Context programme. Read more about this project here.

Recent publications

Lee, B. (2015). A Day in the “Swamp”: Understanding Discourse in the Online Counter-Jihad Nebula. Democracy and Security, 11(3), 248–274.
Lee, B., & Littler, M. (2015). Viral advertising and new pathways to engagement with the British National Party. The Journal of Political Criminology, 1(1), 20–32.

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