Brittany Davidson

Research Associate, University of Bristol

Brittany is currently a Research Associate in the Digital Health Engineering group a the University of Bristol. This work seeks to understand how young people engage with online mental health service provisions and will utilise trace data from mental health charities providing online services. In autumn 2020, she will be starting as an Assistant Professor of Analytics at the University of Bath, where she previously completed her CREST funded PhD supervised by Professor Adam Joinson as a part of the Understanding and Countering Online Behavior programme. Read more about this project here.

Her work primarily focuses on understand how and why people use various technologies and devices. This work has looked at digital traces from smartphones, online fora, and the darkweb. She utilises a variety of methods both qualitative and computationally intensive analytics (e.g., text mining, machine learning, anomaly detection). Primarily, this work has looked at how behaviour and identity changes over time or as users change contexts. Similarly this work focuses on measurement and how we can improve current methods and measurement of technology interactions alongside examining what can and cannot be inferred from various digital traces.

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