Senior Lecturer in International Relations, University of Birmingham

Cerwyn's work focuses on the insurgency in the North Caucasus. He has particular interests in militant ideologies and aesthetics, social networks and social movements, conflict dynamics and transnational activism. He has written extensively on foreign fighters (2008; 2009; 2015), militant ideologies (2009) and suicide attacks (2012) in the North Caucasus. Within IR theory, he has published work on narrative, aesthetics and interpretivism.

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Ces Moore leads the Actors And Narratives programme. Read more about this project here.

Recent publications

Cerwyn Moore, ‘Foreign Bodies: Transnational Activism, the Insurgency in the North Caucasus and ‘‘Beyond’’’, Terrorism and Political Violence, Vol.27, Issue.3 (2015), 395-415.
Cerwyn Moore, ‘Suicide Bombing: Chechnya, The North Caucasus and Martyrdom’, Europe-Asia Studies, Vol.64, No.9 (2012), 1780-1807.
Cerwyn Moore and Paul Tumelty, ‘Foreign Fighters and the Case of Chechnya: A Critical Assessment’, Studies in Conflict and Terrorism, Vol.31, Issue.5 (2008), 412-433.

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