Christina Winters

PhD Student, Lancaster University

Christina earned a BA in psychology and sociology with an emphasis on criminal justice from Clemson University. She holds a graduate certificate in intelligence analysis from the University of Maryland, and an MSc in forensic psychology from Maastricht University. Throughout her academic career, Christina’s research focused on identity development, race relations, deception detection, jealousy, personality, and sex offender policy. Christina has worked on behalf of human rights’ issues doing research and field work with organisations such as Alliance Anti-Trafic and the International Weapons Control Center. She has been employed in clinical roles as a technician and therapist.

Christina maintains an interest in forensic psychology, ethics, and international security. Her research focuses on information elicitation during investigative interviews, contextual differences and information disclosure, and security vetting.

She is supervised by Professor Paul Taylor (Lancaster) and Professor Kirk Luther (Lancaster).

Recent publications

Winters, C. L., Giromini, L., Crawford, T. J., Ales, F., Viglione, D. J., & Warmelink, L. A British validation of the Inventory of Problems-29 (IOP-29): Investigating feigned schizophrenia and random responding, submitted to Journal of Psychiatry, Psychology and Law

Ales, F., Giromini, L., Warmelink, L., Polden, M., Wilcockson, T., Kelly, C., Winters, C., Zennaro, A., & Crawford, T. On the use of eye tracking measures in Symptom Validity Assessment, submitted to The Clinical Neuropsychologist

Di Girolamo, M., Giromini, L., Winters, C. L., Serie, C. M. B., & de Ruiter, C. (2019). The Questionnaire of Cognitive and Affective Empathy: A comparison between paper-and-pencil versus online formats in Italian samples. Journal of Personality Assessment, 101, 2, 159-170.

Massar, K., Winters, C. L., Lenz, S., & Jonason, P. K. (2017). Green-eyed snakes: The associations between psychopathy, jealousy, and jealousy induction. Personality and Individual Differences, 115, 1, 164-168.

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