Operations Manager, Cardiff University

Dr Colin Roberts is the Operations Manager for the Universities Police Science Institute, and leads on interdisciplinary Intelligence and Counter Terrorism Research Programs, working closely with colleagues from computer science, industry, and police service.

His research interests focus on social media analytics of the time dynamics of conflict, multi-polar dynamics of extremism, and intelligence processes.

He was Principal Investigator for the European Commission TARDIS program developing social media analytics to detect and counter on-line radicalization, which led to the development of the Sentinel system.

He is currently program manager of the Open Source Communications Analytics Research (OSCAR) Development Centre funded by the Home Office / HEFCE / College Of Policing.

Personal webpage


  • Roberts C, Innes M, Preece A & Rogers, D. (2017) After Woolwich: Analysing Open Source Communications to Understand the Interactive and Multi-Polar Dynamics of the Arc of Conflict. British Journal of Criminology.
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  • Roberts, C., Innes, M., Preece, A. and Spasic, I. (2015) Soft Facts and Spontaneous Community Mobilisation: The Role of Rumour After Major Crime Events. London: Nesta.


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