Brittany Davidson

PhD Student, University of Bath

Brittany obtained a MA in Business with Marketing from the University of Edinburgh before moving to the University of Bath in the fall of 2016 for her PhD. During her undergraduate, her research interest focused on social media and “surveillance” behaviour online. She worked as a research assistant at the University of Edinburgh alongside her studies in digital marketing.

Brittany’s PhD research is broadly interested in user behavioural changes across social media platforms. The project aims to visualise and understand different roles a user might adopt, as well as how individual user social signatures might vary across different platforms. 

She is supervised by Professor Adam Joinson (Bath) and Dr Lukasz Piwek (Bath). 

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Project information

CREST’s work is structured by five Programmes of activity. You can find out more information about our core programmes, as well as our commissioned projects here.

Brittany Davidson is part of the Understanding And Countering Online Behaviour programme. Read more about this project here.

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