Darren Lawrence

Senior Lecturer in Behavioural Science, Cranfield University

Darren is a Senior Lecturer in Behavioural Science at Cranfield University at the Defence Academy of the UK. In his current role Darren is Head of the Cyber & Influence Group within the Centre for Cyber Security & Information Systems.
Darren has worked in the field of Military Influence since 2002. He lectures on Information Operations, Psychological Warfare and Military Deception. His current research work in the area of Protective Security & Risk looks at organisational behaviour change and counter deception.
Darren has worked extensively across the public and private sector and in both a consultancy and academic capacity for government organisations tasked with national security.

Recent publications

Ashenden, D. & Lawrence, D., (2013). ‘Can we sell security like soap?: a new approach to behaviour change’. In Proceedings of the 2013 workshop on New security paradigms workshop (pp. 87-94). ACM.

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