Research Associate, University of Bath

Dr Collins is a behavioural scientist in the Applied Digital Behaviour Lab at the University of Bath. With a background in Psychology and Human Computer Interaction, Emily specialises in cross-disciplinary research focusing on how technology can support and benefit users, especially in relation to cyber security behaviours

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  • Collins, E., Cox, A. L., Wilcox, C. & Sethu-Jones, G. (In Press). Digital Games vs Mindfulness Apps: Which is More Effective for Post-Work Recovery? Journal of Medical Internet Research: Mental Health.
  • Higgs, S., Liu, J., Collins, E. & Thomas, J. M. (2019). Using social norms to encourage healthier eating. Nutrition Bulletin, 44, 43-52.
  • Jones, S. L., Collins, E., Levordasha, A., Muir, K. & Joinson, A. (2019). What is ‘Cyber Security’?: Differential Language of Cyber Security Across the Lifespan. Late Breaking Work, Proceedings of the SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, ACM.
  • Collins, E., Thomas, J. M., Robinson, E. L., Aveyard, P., Jebb, S., Herman, C. P. & Higgs, S. (2019). Two observational studies examining the effect of a social norm and a health message on the purchase of vegetables in student canteen settings. Appetite, 132, 122-130.



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