Emma Barrett

Research Fellow, Lancaster University

Emma’s research interests include betrayal, deception and credibility assessment; investigative decision making; the psychology of terrorism and violent extremist behaviour; and the psychology of survival and performance in extreme and unusual environments.

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Recent Publications

Barrett, E. & Martin, P. (2014) Extreme: why some people thrive at the limits. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
Barrett, E. & Hamilton‐Giachritsis, C. (2013) The victim as a means to an end: detective decision making in a simulated investigation of attempted rape. In Journal of Investigative Psychology and Offender Profiling. 10, 2, p. 200-218.
Barrett, E. 2009. The interpretation and exploitation of information in criminal investigations. Doctoral Thesis.
Ormerod, T. C., Barrett, E. & Taylor, P. J. (2008) Investigative sense-making in criminal contexts. In Naturalistic decision making and macrocognition. Shraagen, J. M., Militello, L., Ormerod, T. C. & Lipshitz, R. (eds.). London: Ashgate.
Alison, L., Barrett, E. & Crego, J. (2007) Criminal investigative decision making: context and process. In Expertise out of context: proceedings of the sixth International Conference on Naturalistic Decision Making. Hoffman, R. R. (ed.). New York: Lawrence Erlbaum, p. 79-95.
Barrett, E. (2005) Psychological research and police investigations: does the research meet the needs? In The forensic psychologist’s casebook: psychological profiling and criminal investigation. Alison, L. J. (ed.). Cullompton: Willan Publishing, p. 47-67.
Alison, L. & Barrett, E. (2004) The interpretation and utilization of offender profiles: a critical review of “traditional” approaches to profiling. In Forensic psychology: concepts, debates and practice. Adler, J. R. (ed.). Cullompton: Willan Publishing, p. 58-77.

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