Emma Boakes

PhD Student, University of Portsmouth

Emma has a BSc in Psychology from the University of Plymouth and an MSc with distinction in Human Centred Computer Systems from the University of Sussex.

Emma has experience in the private and public sectors, working to understand how the design of systems impacts the behaviours and performance of people. Her work across diverse industries, including health, defence, security and transport, frequently involved liaising with internal and external stakeholders, from board level to the general public, to inform project direction and outputs.

Emma’s current research focuses on the integration of security resources within organisations. “Convergence” brings teams responsible for physical, cyber and personnel security together to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities to the security of their organisation. Her research aims to understand what instigates the decision to move to converged security, the factors that facilitate its effectiveness, and the challenges and barriers to adoption.

Emma is supervised by Professor Debi Ashenden (Portsmouth) and Professor Emma Barrett (Manchester)

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