Research Associate, University of Portsmouth

Feni is a research associate in the Psychology Department at the University of Portsmouth. Her work is focused on eliciting information in time-critical contexts. She previously completed her CREST-funded PhD at the University of Portsmouth, supervised by Professor Lorraine Hope, Professor Paul Taylor, and Professor Aldert Vrij as part of the Information Elicitation programme.

She is primarily interested in the use of memory-enhancing techniques and in the effects that cognitive and social factors have on interviewing and reporting. During her PhD she used an experimental approach to test the effectiveness of mnemonics and reporting formats to facilitate retrieval for complex witnessed events.

Recent Publications

  • Hope, L., Kontogianni, F., Geyer, K., & Thomas, W. (2019). Development of the Reporting Information about Networks and Groups (RING) task: a method for eliciting information from memory about associates, groups, and networks. Journal of Forensic Practice.
  • Hope, L., Gabbert, F., Kinninger, M., Kontogianni, F., Bracey, A., & Hanger, A. (2019). Who said what and when? A timeline approach to eliciting information and intelligence about conversations, plots, and plans. Law and human behavior.
  • Kontogianni, F. (2018). Eliciting information from cooperative sources about single & repeated multi-actor events (Doctoral dissertation, The University of Portsmouth).
  • Kontogianni, F., Hope, L., Taylor, P. J., Vrij, A., & Gabbert, F. (2018). The benefits of a self-generated cue mnemonic for timeline interviewing. Journal of Applied Research in Memory and Cognition, 7(3), 454-461.

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