Independent Researcher, Coventry University

Dr Gareth Harris is an independent researcher affiliated to the Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations (Coventry University). His research focuses on the local dynamics of extremist mobilisation with a specific interest in anti-minority and far right groups and community-based initiatives to counter extremism.

He is currently the convenor of the Special Interest Group on Counter-Extremism (SIGCE) a local authority peer-to-peer network led by Leeds and Luton councils. His current projects include: research on the dynamics of local anti-minority mobilisation, community responses to extremist narratives, and the development of good practice from peer-to-peer networks and knowledge exchanges.

Recent completed projects include: A local case study of an anti-minority campaign around sexual violence, a review of community engagement and counter-narrative practice, a report exploring the responses of educational staff to Prevent Duty, an overview of the current anti-minority landscape in the UK, a Local Authority toolkit on the tools available to local authorities to counter extremism, and an evaluation of European Practitioner Exchange (EPEX) for Violence Prevention Network, Germany. Based on his research he regularly presents to policy makers, practitioners and civil society groups.

Recent Publications

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