Professor James McAuley, Huddersfield University

Professor James McAuley has over 30 years of experience researching political violence and terrorism, largely in the context of Northern Ireland. His major approach involves the analysis of the organizational structure of organizations engaged in political violence and their relationships over time. As such he has researched those involved in interactions with such organisations and the social movement sector closely. He has studied all aspects of the cycle of those engaged in political violence and radicalisation – engagement, involvement and disengagement, again mainly in the context of Northern Ireland, including the role of religion in motivating terrorism that is grounded in an ideological and socio-political framing. He is particularly interested in the prison experience in a number of countries, in particular the efforts of de-radicalisation processes in Singapore, Saudi Arabia and Yemen and the comparison of these programmes with others, for example, experiences in Uganda and of Republican prisoners in Ireland.

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Recent publications

McAuley, J. W. (2016). Very British Rebels? The Culture and Politics of Ulster Loyalism,Bloomsbury Press.
McAuley, J. W. (2016). “Climbing Over Dead Brambles’?: politics and memory within Ulster Loyalism’ in Jim Smyth (ed.) Remembering the Troubles: Commemorating, Constructing, and Contesting the Recent Past in Northern Ireland, University of Notre Dame: University of Notre Dame Press, pp.121 – 138.
McAuley, J. W., & Ferguson, N. (2016). ‘Us’ and ‘Them’: Ulster Loyalist Perspectives on the IRA and Irish Republicanism. Terrorism and Political Violence, 28, 3, 561-575.
Ferguson, N., & McAuley, J. W. (2016). An interview with Billy Hutchinson. Terrorism and Political Violence, 28, 3, 636-652.
McAuley, J. W. (2016). ‘Memory and Belonging in Ulster Loyalist Identity’, Irish Political Studies, DOI: 10.1080/07907184.2015.1126928.


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