Assistant Professor, University of Utrecht

Joost Vervoort is an Assistant Professor at the Copernicus Institute, University of Utrecht, and a Senior Researcher at ECI, University of Oxford. He has 10 years of experience in scenario planning and participatory planning research, leading a team of researchers as PI of the Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security Scenarios Project in foresight-guided planning processes with governments in eight global regions, successfully supporting the formulation of major national climate-related policies.

He is work package leader on foresight in FP7 TRANSMANGO and H2020 SUSFANS, projects on sustainable food systems in Europe. Joost is in the Earth System Governance New Directions team, and the Future Earth project ‘Seeds of Good Anthropocenes’. He has led more than one hundred scenario planning processes.

Over the last three years, Joost has worked closely with game developers and game researchers in Europe and in Africa through game jams to develop games in a context of planetary futures.

Personal webpage

Recent Publications

  • Mason-D'Croz, D., J. M. Vervoort, et al. 2016. Multi-factor, multi-state, multi-model scenarios: Exploring food and climate futures for Southeast Asia. Environmental Modelling and Software 83:255-270.
  • Lord, S., J. M. Vervoort, et al. 2016. Choosing diverse sets of plausible scenarios in multidimensional exploratory futures techniques. Futures 77:11-27
  • Vervoort, J. M. et al. 2015. Scenarios and the art of worldmaking. Futures 74:62-70.
  • Vervoort, J. M. et al. 2014. Challenges to scenario-guided adaptive action on food security under climate change. Global Environmental Change.
  • Herrero, M., P., J. M. Vervoort, et al. 2014. Exploring future changes in smallholder farming systems by linking socio-economic scenarios with regional and household models. Global Environmental Change, Volume 24:165–182.


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