Professor of Religious and Secular Studies, Lancaster University

Kim is interested in the things, places, events and groups that people hold to be sacred. She is interested in how these are expressed in people’s beliefs and values, in public rhetoric, rituals, the built environment and the media. When do they become matters of contention, conflict or a threat to security?

Her background is in the history and sociology of religions, and she has researched and directed projects on migration and diasporas, media portrayals, the urban sacred, religion in modern Britain, and religious/secular relations. She developed a spatial methodology for studying religion which has been widely used internationally.

In CREST, Kim leads research on how ideas, beliefs and values are transmitted in different contexts, and the role they play in regulating behaviour.

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CREST’s work is structured by five Programmes of activity. You can find out more information about our core programmes, as well as our commissioned projects here.

Kim Knott leads the Ideas, Beliefs And Values In Social Context programme. Read more about this project here.

Recent publications

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