Kris Christmann

Research Fellow at the Applied Criminology Centre, University of Huddersfield

Kris Christmann is an applied criminologist and Research Fellow at the Applied Criminology Centre (ACC) at the University of Huddersfield.  His main research interests include the study of radicalisation; counter-terrorism; and hate crime (for clients such as the: Youth Justice Board, Office for Security and Counter Terrorism, the Home Office, and the European Union’s Fundamental Rights Agency).

Kris and ACC colleagues have recently completed research in counter terrorism for the EU (DG Move – Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport) examining how to protect large, multi-modal transport hubs across Europe from terrorist attack as well as from serious crime. The suite of reports delivered is currently being studied by commissioners and it is anticipated that some of this material will be published in the near future, by DG Move and also in academic outputs by ourselves.

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As part of its activities, CREST identifies and funds innovative and forward-looking economic, behavioural and social science research that contributes to our understanding of contemporary security threats.

Kris Christmann is part of CREST funded commissioned project: Community Reporting Of Violent Extremist Activity And Involvement In Foreign Conflict. Read more about this project here.

Recent publications

Thomas, P., Busher, J., Macklin, G., Rogerson, M. and Christmann, K. (2015) ‘Understanding Concerns about Community Relations’ Identity papers: A journal of British and Irish studies , 1 (1), pp. 67-78
Christmann, K. (2012b) ‘Systematic Review: Preventing the Development of Violent Extremism amongst Young People’. Youth Justice Board.
Christmann, K; Hirschfield, A. Wilcox, A., Rogerson, M. Starrak, K., (2012a) ‘Process Evaluation of Preventing Violent Extremism Programmes for Young People. Youth Justice Board.
Christmann, K. and Wong, K. (2010) ‘Hate Crime Victims and Hate Crime Reporting: Some impertinent Questions’ in Hate Crime: Concepts, policy, future directions (Ed Neil Chakraborti) Willan Press.
Wong, K and Christmann, K. (2008) ‘The Role of Victim Decision Making in Reporting of Hate Crimes’ in Community Safety Journal, 7(2) pp19-35.

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