Lecturer in Data Science, University of Bath

Lukasz obtained his PhD in Psychology at the University of Glasgow where he combined solutions from computing science, cognitive psychology and psychophysics to investigate how we use body language and voice to make emotional decisions about other people in the first few seconds of interaction. He collaborated in a range of interdisciplinary projects including work with UK Border Agency (co-funded by ESRC) on a project investigating detection of suspicious behaviour and hostility from body movement. Recently he has been working on a various ways to use mobile devices, smart wearables, and online social networks in behavioural change and user profiling, with a strong focus around social psychology, cyber-psychology, and the analysis and visualisation of ‘Big Online Behavioural Data’.

Personal webpage

Recent publications

Piwek, L., Ellis, D., Andrews, S., and Joinson, A. (in press) The Rise of Consumer Health Wearables: Promises & Barriers. PLOS Medicine, In press.
Piwek, L., & Joinson, A. (2016). What do they Snapchat about? Patterns of use in time-limited instant messaging service. Computers in Human Behavior Volume 54, 358–367.
Joinson, A. N., and Piwek, L. (2016) Technology and the formation of socially positive behaviours. In ‘Beyond Behaviour Change: Perspectives from a diverse field’ (Ed. F. Spotswood), pp 157-176. Bristol, Policy Press.
Andrews, S., Ellis, D.A., Shaw H., Piwek L. (2015) Beyond Self-Report: Tools to Compare Estimated and Real-World Smartphone Use. PLoS ONE 10(10): e0139004.
Piwek, L., Joinson, A., Morvan, J. (2015) The use of self-monitoring solutions amongst cyclists: An online survey and empirical study, Transportation Research: Part A, 77, 126-136.
Piwek, L., Petrini, K., Pollick, F. (2015) A dyadic stimulus set of audiovisual affective displays for the study of multisensory, emotional, social interactions, Behaviour Research Mathods.


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