Professor of Transnational Law and Non-State Actors, Coventry University

Math Noortmann joined the Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations (CTPSR) at Coventry University in November 2014. Before that he taught and researched at Universities in the Netherlands, Singapore, Germany, and the UK. Holding a Ph.D. in International Law and a M.Sc. in Political Science, his research combines the knowledge and understanding of international politics and public international law with respect to security and law enforcement. Within the CTPSR, he leads the Research Group on Transnational and Maritime Security.

As a research professor in Transnational Law and Non-State Actors, Math Noortmann investigates the roles of non-state actors in transnational security governance. In particularly, he addresses the delicate balance between the need for security, law and order. His most recent research focuses on transnational organised and maritime crime, and the role of the private security sector in maintaining transnational order and justice.

He has published and lectured extensively in the fields of international law, politics and governance, lead and managed several international research and development projects, supervised PhD research to completion, and holds several positions as editor, reviewer, convener and board member, and presents keynotes, speeches and lectures across the globe.

Personal webpage

Recent Publications

  • (2017, forthcoming) Terrorist Networks, in Moghaddam F.M. (ed) The Sage Encyclopedia of Political Behavior.
  • (2016) Transnational Criminal Organizations and Human Rights, in Sven Peterke (ed) Oxford Handbook on Transnational Crime, Oxford: OUP (with Dawn Sedman).
  • (2016), Private Military and Security Companies: A transnational legal approach, in Kerstin Odendahl et al (eds), 100 Years of Peace through Law: Past and Future, Berlin: Dücker and Humboldt.
  • (2014) ASEAN - Australian Counter-Terrorism Cooperation after Bali; a paradigm shift in security thinking or business as usual? In Sally Percival Wood and Baogang He (eds.) 40 Years of Australia-ASEAN Partnership: Not Just Dialogue (Palgrave McMillan).
  • (2011) Towards an interdisciplinary approach to non-state participation in the formation of global law and order, in D’Aspremont, Jean, Participants in the International Legal System: Theoretical Perspectives, Routledge, London, 76.


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